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Create or Edit Your Page

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1. If you are just beginning and need to create a page for your books, click on Create a Page in the upper right of the screen: (if you already have a page and need to edit – go to step #10)


2. Name your page for your library:


3. Click on the EDIT tab, and add your content to the page.




4. Click SAVE at the bottom:









5. To add your library’s list to the front page – click on PAGES AND FILES:


6. Click on FRONT PAGE:




7. Then click on the EDIT tab:



8. Add your library in the list alphabetically and change the font – to HEADING 2


9. To add a link from the front page to your page – highlight your library name, click on ADD LINK and select your page TEST from the list on the left –


And then click SAVE again at the bottom of the page.


10. To edit your already existing page – when you log in – click the following – PAGES AND FILES, EDIT and then select your link.


11. Click on your page to open it for editing – and make sure you are once again – using the EDIT tab:


Make all the changes you need to make – and click SAVE.



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